Comparing Products Of Cannabis is The Green Solution

If we look into biography, the hemp embed( same lineage as cannabis) has been used as a good fiber informant for many things such as rope, paper& clothe. So helpful that in the 1600′ s there were constitutions legislated that performed it compulsory for farmers to proliferate it. It was used as a money up until the 1800′ s. Even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson consumed slave labor to flourish it on their plantations. Historians have prove to prove it has been a beneficial seed utilized by the human race for over 12,000 years. By the early 1900′ s hemp fibers were being used in over 5000 different commodities. The hemp flower is not just a terrific source of fiber for textiles, but the seed is an good generator of oil for creating ethanol ga( biomass) which can compete with fossil fuel.

For a flora with so many benefits and uses, it seems strange that within a few years its product not only demises but becomes outlawed. What happens over a period of a few years in America seals the fate of the hemp flower in such a way that one can only surmise that there were very clear motives and reasons for doing so.

Here follows a sequence of happenings that resulted in the outlawing of the ever so useful hemp seed:

Before 1793 hemp was America’s preceding agricultural cultivate is available as information sources for most textile produces. All hemp processing was done by hand.

In 1793 Eli Whitney patented the’ cotton gin’ a machine designed to obtain the cotton fiber from the seed. Procreating cotton the primary source for cloak. Manual hemp production is terribly laborious and cannot compete with this.

1913 Andrew Mellon takes over Gulf Oil Corp; Henry Ford originates the first automobile assembly line, and Gulf Oil opens first drive-in gas station.

In 1916 the US Department of Agriculture was expected that with the introduction of a hemp processing machine then hemp agriculture will become Americas largest agricultural industry once again. In its Bulletin 404, it announces that one acre of hemp will raise just as much paste for article as 4.1 hectares of trees. The same year William Randolph Hearst begins exerting his newspapers as a weapon against’ marijuana'( the Mexican colloquialism for hemp) because it is a direct menace to his material based newspaper producing division.

In 1917 the hemp’ decorticating’ machine was patented by G.W Schlichten and hemp fiber can now play again with the cotton wool industry.

1919 Ethanol( made from booze) is a biomass fuel( readily appointed from hemp seeds) is ready to compete with gasoline. The same year booze exclusion pitches on the society enforced by Andrew Mellon( Gulf Oil ).

1920 DuPont develops synthetic supplements for gasoline and petroleums as well as toxic sulfate combinations being implemented in paper pulp creation. Andrew Mellon’s bank loans DuPont money to take over General Motors.

1921 Andrew Mellon becomes Secretary of the Treasury. His fiscal programs create big rise for himself and the economy until the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression.

1931 Andrew Mellon constitutes his nephew Henry Anslinger head of DEA, a Bureau of the Treasury Department.

1935 Technology to use hemp for paper yield and plastics soon to become available. Mellon and DuPont industries are threatened with extinction.

1935- 1937 preparation of a bill to target hemp. Nonetheless instead of the word hemp the Mexican slang word ‘marijuana’ is used instead. That is a good approach because the hemp industry does not realize hemp is the target and the medical industry is not understand they are targeting cannabis. The bill is not introduced to the Food and Drug, Agriculture, Textiles or Commerce Committees but is instead brought to the House Style and Mean Committee, a group of men who are both DuPont and Mellon industry allies.

14th April 1937 the Treasury Department introduces the Marijuana Tax Bill

Here follow a few a statement issued by key witnesses:

Henry Anslinger( Andrew Mellon’s nephew and now head of DEA)” Marijuana is more violence-causing drug in its own history of humankind” and that” coloreds with large-hearted lips enticing lily-white women with jazz music and marijuana .”

The above evidence is staggering in its bias and sexism. Today we know the first part of the following statement is absolutely inaccurate and the second character just does not warrant observe due to its obvious racism. The detail though was to jolt Congress, and it did with reports of’ breaths’ from the Congressmen of 1937. It is important to emphasise that after 30 years( fantastic in itself !) as heads of state of the DEA, President Kennedy magnetism Anslinger to withdraw because he was an embarrassment to have around after meeting further racist observes such as” ginger-colored niggers perpetrating violent crimes traced instantly to marijuana .”

The is the issue of the Treasury Department’s motive is brought up at the hearings by one of the few hemp people who has discovered “whats going on” and arrived as a witness in the defence of the flower. His refer is Matt Rens, of Rens Hemp Company. Now is what he has to say to the Committee( that is primarily composed of Du Pont-Mellon collaborators ):

Mr. Rens:” Such a tariff would lean all small creators out of the business of stretching hemp, and the proportion of small farmers is considerable. The real purpose of this legislation is not to raise money, is it ?”

Senator Brown:” Well, we’re sticking to the proposition that it is .”

Mr. Rens:” It will cost a million .”

Senator Brown:” Thank you .”( Witness rejected .)

A last-minute witness, Ralph Loziers, general counsel for the National Oil Seed Institute, representing decorate manufacturers and high-quality machine lubrication processors, shows up at the hearing to defend the flora. He tells the committee that hemp grain as an indispensable merchandise used in all the Asian commonwealths and parts of Russia as nutrient.

Then he speaks of the need for hemp seed by American industry:” Dignified experts also expressed that in the Orient as least 200 million people utilization this treat, and for thousands of years beings have been using this remedy, but never have they used the grain of this plant or the seed’s oil as anti-retroviral drugs. It is grown in their realms and used as oatmeal.

Millions of beings every day are exercising hemp grain in the Orient for food. They have been doing that for numerous generations, especially in periods of famine. The degree I acquire is this-that this proposal is too all inclusive. This statement is a world inciting evaluate. This money imparts this great industry under the supervision of a bureau-which may entail its stifling .”

Speaking as general counsel for the American Medical Association, Dr. William C. Woodward protects cannabis remedy and likewise complains the room the bill is being handled:” The rule just contains provisions that foist a pointless overhead and does not accomplish the result .” Dr. Woodward goes on to say that the data being presented does not attest cannabis use has increased, but if it has, the “newspaper exploitation” Hearst’s newspapers of the practice has done more to increase it than anything else. When the meetings of the committee invites him if he reviews federal legislation is requisite, Dr. Woodward remarks,” I do not . . . It is not a drugs addiction that is involved .”

Committee member Doughton( Du Pont ally) responds to this statement by Dr. Woodward, mentioning:” If you want to advise us on legislation, you ought to come here with some productive suggestions rather than evaluations, rather than trying to heave obstacles in accordance with the rules of something that the federal government is trying to do .”

1937-Henry Ford does not know about the plot. He is flourishing hemp on his farm to show how his autoes can be fueled by biomass.

1937: The new Tax Bill has still not been passed by Congress. In November of this year, Popular Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering introduce investors to a fully operational hemp decorticating design. Commodities in these magazines predict billion dollar benefits for hemp customs. Coupled with G. W. Schlichten’s decorticating machine that was patented in 1917, Hemp is now mass made, feasible paper root, half the costs of tree-pulp newspaper.

1937-Du Pont’ s Annual Report to its stockholders strongly urges continued investment in its brand-new but has still not been recognized petrochemical synthetic produces. Now are the conspiratorial keywords in that report: Du Pont is envisioning “radical changes” from” non-respendable revenues causing the capability of government” that will soon be converted into an instrument for” forcing agreement of sudden new ideas of industrial and social reorganization .”* Du Pont Company annual report, 1937.

It is evident from this report that Du Pont knew something neither their investors nor the public knew, namely that the Marijuana Tax Bill was going to make it impossible to continue using bush biomass for industrial production. Exclusively a handful of affluent magnates knew that their director possible entrant, hemp, was what was being vetoed for the purposes of the call of “marijuana.”

It could be said it was clever political lobbying that sealed the fate of marijuana by foisting a exorbitant excise on it that represented it commercially unviable to produce anymore. As a recreational medicine, “its been” the spreading of information and lies about its effects that feared the public into believing it to be harmful if not dangerous.

Note: If hemp had not been concluded illegal 80% of Du Pont’s petrochemical business would never have come to be. Nor it could be argued would the majority of members of global warming and the vast amounts of contamination run into our inflicted flows have occurred.

Today, with the doubts of the Internet we no longer have to rely on what we are told or what the local newspaper responds is the alleged truism. Knowledge is freely available and no longer the privilege of the rich. Publicists can still bully through government legislation claiming it is our best interest but we can and has every right to to contradict. Opennes is becoming common locate and the recently adhered to protocol.

We, specially here in the developed commonwealths claim to live in a democracy for the peoples of the territories by the people. I believe world-wide common sense will prevail and eventually we the people will decide what is and what is not good for us. For over 12,000 years Marijuana has had an important residence in our lives. I would say more interests both commercially and medically ought to have suffered with its utilization, and therefore public opinion( when not pressured by incentives of desire and selfishness) will reinstate its importance is again in “peoples lives”.